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Train 2 Change allows, encourages and supports professionals to explore the concepts behind the successful Chance 2 Change programme.

Chance 2 Change is an innovative and proven therapeutic programme which combines three therapeutic practices in one unique course; Group Psychotherapy (Irvin Yalom), CBT (Aaron Beck) and Addictions Treatment (Neil Brener).  This combined approach when applied to all aspects of working with clients allows the process of real change to start from within from the very first session.

Adding to existing skill sets, Train 2 Change promotes professional and personal growth for those working with challenging client groups within society. Drawing on our experience, success and proven methodology Train 2 Change brings a fresh approach to therapeutic working. At the end of the course participants will:

  • Be able to understand and apply the principles of Chance 2 Change to both themselves and their clients.
  • Have the skills and knowledge to understand a deeper level of therapeutic working.
  • Have the confidence to put these skills in to practice. 
  • Explore with peers the hurdles and barriers to therapeutic working at this level and use real life client situations to demonstrate the approach.
  • Have the opportunity to create an additional network of support with Chance 2 Change and Train 2 Change.

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Testimonials for the Train 2 Change programme

How relevant do you feel the Train 2 Change course was to your work?

I feel that it is essential to my work and has reinforced my own belief in what I have been doing and excited my passion to continue and use the Train 2 Change interventions. (Family Solutions worker)

Totally relevant, it's equipped me with tools that are simple to use but effective. I wish I'd done this course years ago. (Youth Futures worker)

What was the main strength of the Train 2 Change course, what did you like the most?

Explained material and model in terms that were easy to understand and trainers were good at demonstrating how you would apply things to your own practise. (Youth Futures worker)

Delivery of the content was clear, understandable and facilitator checked understanding before moving on. - no loose ends! (YOT worker)

How did you find the delivery of the Train 2 Change course?

Delivery was excellent. Interesting material, good examples, plenty of discussion & clarification & trainers helped us to feel supported with discussing difficult issues. (Youth Futures worker)

Fantastic, and was delivered in a way you could understand the benefits and approaches. (Family Solutions worker)

Will you now do anything differently as a result of completing the Train 2 change course?

Yeah have more range to my working practice, and have more to offer my young people and reflect in myself. (Family Solutions worker)

Look at how I engage young people & realise with the right support & intervention everyone can move forward, (Family Solutions worker)