Gill has extensive experience in finance and management. She spent 11 years in Australia where her employment included Financial Controller for high growth global product manufacturing and distribution companies, Management Accountant and Finance Director. Gill also brings with her a wealth of experience managing staff teams, HR, account management and credit control.

In 2004 Emma developed and piloted the Chance 2 Change programme with Chelmsford Youth Offending Team. It produced a 100% success rate and from here Emma has stuck to her belief that our environment causes our behaviour and that with the right care, those learnt behaviours can be unlearnt and replaced with positive ones. Emma's aim is simple, to leave this world in a better place than when she found it. Emma is a Big Venture Challenge winner.


Cara brings energy and enthusiasm to the Beyond Youth team. Her positive thought process and drive to want to help others achieve things in their lives, which they never thought possible is exceptional.

Cara says "coming from a background where school was always hectic and surrounded by friends who were involved in criminal activity. Beyond Youth has finally helped me to fulfil my passion in helping to understand behaviour and helping others understand their behaviour."

Cara Williams
Gillian Smith
Emma Morris

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