Criminal Justice

Using innovative group based therapy to tackle the root cause of offending

We are delighted to be able to offer our innovative Chance 2 Change Programme to organisations and businesses working within the Criminal Justice system.

With our proven effectiveness and demonstrable results our approach can be applied to clients experiencing the complex issues associated with offending behaviour including:

  • Chaotic lifestyle

  • Low self - esteem and self-respect

  • Low aspirations and underachieving academically

  • Negative peer groups

  • Alcohol and drug misuse


These client groups face many issues in our society and often feel marginalised. Many come from deprived areas of the country, lack aspirations, have under-achieved academically, fail to access professional services and have often experienced abuse, violence and neglect. Some frequently become involved in criminal activity as a way of defining their identity, seeking to belong and out of a need to be 'heard' when their emotional distress is not addressed.  Further, with the increasing break-down of the family unit, clients and adults can often feel ‘lost’, and without positive role models negative behaviour becomes the norm and takes prevalence over nurturing good.


Chance 2 Change provides a solution to tackling these concerns via its proven methodology. We can:

  • Challenge and replace negative thought processes that lead to criminal activity

  • Encourage emotional understanding of past events and the effects on behaviour

  • Re-teach life values, morals and social responsibility, replacing failing internal boundaries (often learnt as a child)

  • Raise self-esteem and self-worth