Giving the long term unemployed the skills needed to get back on the road to employment

We are delighted to be able to offer our innovative Chance 2 Change Programme to those who are classed as long term and hard to reach unemployed

With our proven effectiveness and demonstrable results our approach can be applied to clients experiencing the complex issues associated with unemployment:

  • Deep fear of rejection and failure

  • Lack of motivation

  • Feelings of negativity towards themselves and life

  • Struggle to gain confidence

  • Reliance on state benefits

Those who become long-term unemployed may have issues that contribute to their unemployment status and also to their poor future outcomes. In this case, long-term unemployment can be associated with, but is not the underlying cause of, poor future outcomes, a phenomenon referred to as a “selection” effect.


Other complicating facts lie within a self fulfilling prophecy whereby the longer you are unemployed the easier it is to stay unemployed. This inturn compounds a lack of self worth and a sense of failure and demotivates further. Psychological intervention is needed to break the negative cycle.

Chance 2 Change provides a solution to tackling these concerns via its proven methodology.


We can:

  • Challenge and replace the negative thought processes that lead to unemployment

  • Provide the skills needed to allow positive and healthy thought processes to become prevalent

  • Improving motivation and productivity

  • Helping to understand and make sense of life's difficulties