New Mothers

Group Therapy helping new mothers adjust to the process of motherhood

We are delighted to be able to offer our innovative Chance 2 Change Programme to organisations and agencies working with New Mothers.

With our proven effectiveness and demonstrable results our approach can be applied to clients experiencing the complex issues associated with becoming a mother including:

  • Baby blues, peri and post natal depression

  • Lack of self-belief and confidence

  • Feelings of isolation and fear of failure

  • Issues surrounding identity

  • Ability to cope

New mothers are a group of people who can sometimes experience complex and deep seated emotional needs which can often go unseen. Often new mothers feel the pressure to feel and act in a certain way and this can mean they end up suppressing their true emotions which can lead to problems further down the line.


A new mum may struggle to adjust and accept her new role and may find it hard to seek appropriate support where the onset of further more damaging depression can be avoided.


This is the case for new mothers who are in a relationship as well as those who are lone mothers. New mothers can also feel guilty about the negative feelings they have towards themselves or their children and often will not express this in fear of being judged by others, including professionals.  


When treatment is successfully applied via talking therapies the effects go way beyond the early months and help with the bonding and attachment process that will carry a child through life.


Chance 2 Change provides a solution to tackling these concerns via its proven methodology.


We can:

  • Support with the bonding and attachment process

  • Break the cycle of negative parenting

  • Enable positive and supporting peer relationships to form

  • Build emotional understanding which can be passed to the child

  • Increase general emotional wellbeing and aspirations