Our mission is to equip people of all ages with the tools and understanding needed to lead productive lives as part of their communities. We aim to provide hope for the future by empowering people in positive decision making, building self-belief and encouraging all those involved to accept their social responsibility to create stronger individuals and communities.



Our vision is for people in need to be given the support and understanding needed to break the cycle of negativity and marginalisation so they have the opportunity to lead productive lives.



Beyond Youth aims to make Chance 2 Change available to all areas of society where need is evident and to bring about societal change by pushing the boundaries and applying a more intelligent approach to societal challenges.



Negative behaviour is addictive

Behaviours are learnt and therefore can be unlearnt within the right environment

Emotional intelligence is as vital to success as academic ability

Remaining true to our ethos and remaining truly client centred

Ensuring our work is tailored to the client, consistent and fully inclusive

Sticking firmly to our belief that relationships are key

Not holding preconceived ideas, not judging or preaching

Investing time in our staff so they can give clients the best support and opportunities

Commitment to evaluate and review our own work at every opportunity to deliver a consistent service of excellence.

An unscripted intervention that works around feelings

A group based program that allows participants to release the carried feelings that don't belong to them

Not being afraid to do things differently as we strive to change the way society responds to people in need.