Mental Wellbeing

Helping Those in Need To Understand And Overcome Life Events

We are delighted to be able to offer our innovative Chance 2 Change Programme to organisations and individuals concerned with mental health.

With our proven effectiveness and demonstrable results our approach can be applied to clients experiencing the complex issues associated with mental health including:

  • Long lasting sadness and irritability

  • Extremes of mood both high and low

  • Inability to cope with daily problems and activities

  • Isolation and withdrawal from social life

Mental health and wellbeing is an area that as a society we should be increasingly concerned with. Anti-depressant medication costs the UK about £5.5M a week - £286M a year. In 2013 prescription drugs cost the UK 8.5 billion pounds. This is an equivalent of 1900 prescriptions being dispensed every minute. It is also known that in 2013 depression cost the UK economy 9 billion pounds in lost earnings.

Whilst we accept that prescription drugs can be necessary as they calm or delay depression it is the case that they can never resolve the underlying issue.


This is where talking therapies and access to them is so vital, however sadly around 1 in 6 people will commit suicide whilst waiting to be referred to talking therapies.


It is our belief that effective and timely intervention via the Chance 2 Change programme or walk in mental health surgeries could significantly reduce the need of reliance on prescription medication.


Furthermore current waiting lists to access therapeutic services are often unacceptably long and the quality of the invention is varied around the country.


A more intelligent approach could be delivered via Chance 2 Change which would see more people getting a high quality intervention at the point of need not crisis.


This would not only provide a cost effective solution but would prevent mental health concerns becoming more and more embedded and therefore problematic within the individual. Earlier treatment allows for increased outcomes.

Chance 2 Change provides a solution to tackling these concerns via its proven methodology. We can:

  • Provide a supportive and safe environment to explore feelings

  • Allow people to understand their feelings about life events

  • Educate clients about personal triggers for mental illness

  • Improve ability to cope with life

  • Stabilise mood and decrease isolation.