Using a combined approach of practical and emotional therapy providing the motivation to change

We are delighted to be able to offer our innovative Chance 2 Change Programme to organisations and businesses working towards tackling those who suffer from obesity and the pathologically obese. We also offer weight management classes direct to clients in their local area.

With our effectiveness and demonstrable results our approach can be applied to clients experiencing the complex issues associated with Obesity including:

  • Low self esteem and self worth

  • Reduce ability to self motivate

  • Isolation and fear of rejection

  • Depression, low mood and poor body image

Levels of obesity are currently rising not only in the UK but globally and the associated costs are rising. It is estimated today that obesity is costing the UK around £16 billion a year. According to the World Health Organisation, in 2014, 39% of the World’s adult population were overweight and 13 % were obese.


Obesity is more than just greediness or laziness. Overeating to the extent of obesity is as a result of a response to emotional issues and an unhealthy, complex relationship with food and themselves.


In light of the recent growing emphasis on the ‘great weight debate’ it must be understood that sufferers do not choose to be as they are but lack the resources and internal motivation, for numerous reasons, to change their lives.


A holistic approach is needed with its foundation in nurturing to bring about change for the mind, body, soul and heart. The emotional and the practical working together.


Chance 2 Change provides a solution to tackling these concerns via its proven methodology.


We can:

  • Provide a package of nutritional information

  • Plan and deliver a positive and easy step-by-exercise routine

  • Helping to set realistic life plans and supporting them to achieve goals

  • Challenging and replacing negative thought processes that lead to unnecessary food consumption